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FORTY ON L represents a significant evolution for Blok, heralding the first development in our Blok Raw division. Not only does the new development feature a brand-new product with an aesthetic designed to appeal to a new audience, it will also provide urban homes to a more diverse range of incomes through the introduction of the 80:20 development model. The aim is to provide urban apartments that serve the currently uncatered-for middle income market that will be incorporated into the development. To read more about the 80:20 development model, click here.


For WAUW, evolving the next phase of Blok in unique terrain meant truly understanding the Bo Kaap neighbourhood in which their landmark development will live for decades to come. Beyond the familiar aesthetic of the area – cobbled and colourful – they were particularly interested in the relationship between the home and the street, and how people move around this famously communal neighbourhood.


The first Blok Raw development at FORTY ON L posed an interesting challenge when designing the interiors. Whereas Blok has garnered a reputation for sophisticated, invisible finishings, apartments within the Blok Raw stable are typically more youthful, industrial and more expressive. True to its name, Raw developments place an emphasis on materiality, leaving exposed what is usually indiscriminately smoothed over.